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When we care and value where, why and how products are made, it can bring a sense of wellbeing to everyone involved.

Handling materials. and learning different processes about them is fundamental for me. The clays I work with are high fired stoneware and porcelain - sourced from local suppliers, these are robust clays that have an extremely low water absorption rate.

Each piece of ceramics is made by hand, wedged, formed, cast or thrown, dried, fettled, sanded, glazed and fired. in my electric kiln.


My work has always come from my interest in food, nature, history and ritual, expressed through simple minimal forms. I was fortunate to be selected for a international ceramic residency in Japan, working alongside established Japanese, Korean, American and  Scandinavian artists. Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics continue to be a source of inspiration.

I have worked in arts education and run workshops in visual arts, in collaboration with schools and communities.



After studying an Applied Arts BA, I specialised in ceramics. I went on to join a studio collective run by women in Broadway Market, East London, producing small batches of simple Scandinavian influenced slip cast tableware and tiny wearable art works based on Japanese Inros. 

After leaving London and taking time to raise children I tentatively returned to ceramics in 2017.

Since then I have enjoyed working in collaboration with floral designers, chefs, small independent producers & art markets. I like having the freedom to try out new ideas & make small runs and one off pieces.

My current work is produced from a beautiful, old and slightly cold barn on a smallholding in rural Shropshire on the Welsh border, where we look after a small closed flock of Black Welsh Mountain sheep.

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