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Lovingly made from the Rosemary grown their own garden 

Skin Type  

Suitable for all skin types 


Rosemary + Tea Tree to combat blemishes and refresh the senses. 

Beneficial Ingredients 

All Wild Sage + Co soaps are handmade with their own unique blend of nourishing plant and nut oils.  


In this soap, Coconut Oil reduces inflammation and keeps skin hydrated, helping it to maintain its moisture. Shea Butter is well known as a deeply moisturising butter, high in levels of vitamin A it is known to improve skins elasticity and reduce the appearance of marks and scars. Himalayan Pink salts helps to replenishes 84 trace minerals that give your skin a healthy glow. It soothes tired muscles and can be used as a mild exfoliant. Sunflower Oil is rich in Vitamin E and antioxidants, making it an effective oil to combat skin problems such as acne and redness. Dried Rosemary has anti-bacterial and ant-fungal properties. It helps to improve circulation and, in this soap, works as a mild exfoliant. 


Rosemary + Tea Tree

  • Vegan
    No Palm Oil 
    No Preservatives
    No Parabens or Artificial Fragrances

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